Nanyang NanoFabrication Centre houses state-of-the-art nano-fabrication facilities to provide university-wide support for nano-science and nanotechnology research. 

Mission of N2FC is to provide the equipment, infrastructure and expertise necessary for all the users to attain their research objective.

N2FC comprises Cleanroom 1 (CR1) and Cleanroom 2 (CR2).
CR1 has a class 100 cleanroom. It is an open concept design with an area of 673 m2. It is mainly for Si-based research with tools for both 6 inch and 8 inch fab.
CR2 has a separate class 10 and class 100 bays and has an area of 693 m2. It is mainly dedicated for non-CMOS work with processing tools for wafers 4 inch and below.

MOCVD is for material growth such as GaAs, InP based etc for sample size ranging from 2 inch and below.